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Healthcare Solutions

At ANT SOFT, we build advanced medical software that automates your business operations and improves patients’ experiences. Work with us today to achieve a successful digital transformation of your healthcare setup.

Our Healthcare Software Development Solutions

Standout in the healthcare industry with user-centered software solutions built for your modern-day healthcare business. With massive technical knowledge and years of experience in healthcare IT, we develop:
Practice Management Systems

Practice Management Systems

Streamline your daily hospital operations with a robust practice management system. Our engineers discuss your specific business tasks with you to craft software that perfectly meets your unique needs. Whether inventory management, appointment scheduling, billing, or claim handling, we configure all your desired features and functions for a beyond-satisfactory experience.

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Fast-track your patients’ data by connecting medical devices with secure healthcare IT systems. Our experienced professionals carefully integrate your medical devices (heart monitors, glucose sensors, and others) with cloud platforms or on-premise. This allows remote monitoring of data which helps with quick diagnosis and promotes proactive patient care.

Medical Device Software Development

Medical Device Software Development

Breathe life into your medical devices with modern-day medical device software. Our healthcare IT experts leverage the latest tools like embedded systems(microcontrollers, PLCs, and others)  core functions’ development and model-based design technologies for complex systems. Further, we do detailed iteration and testing to ensure the software’s optimal security and performance. Additionally, we do usability testing to ensure the best user experience.

Patient Care Apps

Patient Care Apps

We develop high-performing patient care applications to help your patients actively manage their health. From basic apps for health education(fitness and wellness tips, disease information) to a feature-rich system, we are your one-stop solution for all. Besides, our developed systems are flexible for integrations with smart devices (mobile phones, watches) for real-time data collection.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems

Eliminate the hassle of paperwork by switching to digital health record systems. We analyze your business requirements and develop customized software in compliance with HIPAA. Now securely store, manage, and access data (patient’s history, medications, treatment record, and others) anytime anywhere.



Bridge the gap between you and your patients with exclusive telemedicine solutions. Our experts develop exclusive applications that enable remote consultations. Follow-ups, prescriptions, and mental health counseling are all done in a few clicks without any hassle of commuting.

medical chatbots

Medical Chatbots

Increase your patients’ satisfaction rate by offering them 24/7 support. We develop reliable medical chatbots using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Dialog Flow, Rasa, and machine learning. Our software engineers further train these on vast medical datasets so they can clearly understand user queries, analyze symptoms, and provide informative responses. Moreover, the team assists with the smooth integration of chatbots with your healthcare databases to allow effortless and real-time access to medical information.

Our Healthcare Software Development Process

development process

Niche Finalization

We discuss and finalize your target audience.

Device Support

We identify the devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones) you want your application to support.

Function Finalization

We decide on the best possible features and functions for your healthcare software/application.


We develop engaging designs to deliver better digital experiences to your app’s users.

Privacy and Compliance

We develop a mutual understanding of your privacy and compliance terms.

Coding Up

We write secure and scalable codes to build highly responsive cross-platform and native apps.

Our Tech Stack for Healthcare Solutions

salesforce health cloud
microsoft wpf

Case Study

nexus pro logo

Transforming Laboratory Management with Nexus Pro

A robust laboratory management system for pathology labs and diagnostic centers that streamlines workflows and boosts patients’ satisfaction.

Who We Serve
Our extensive suite of healthcare solutions cover
  • Healthcare Startups
  • Established Healthcare Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Healthcare NGOs
  • Healthcare Providers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does software enhance patient care and workflow efficiency?

Healthcare software solutions effectively centralize your patients’ data and administrative tasks. This ultimately leads to optimal work processes and improved patient care.

How secure are your healthcare software solutions?

AT ANTSOFT, security is our top priority and we strictly adhere to industry standards like HIPAA. Hence, both your business and patients’ sensitive information is safe while working with us.

How much does a healthcare software solution cost?

There are no fixed costs for developing any time healthcare or medical system/app. The prices vary depending on the features and functions you want to have in your software product.

How big is the health software market?

According to research, the global software market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.65% and surpass $8.75 billion by 2028. These stats clearly depict the importance of having a robust healthcare system to exponentially thrive in the market.

How do I migrate to a new healthcare system?

ANTSOFT’s professionals profoundly help you with secure migration to your new healthcare system. The team discusses your budget, technical requirements, and timline. Further, they make data backups and create a detailed plan for a safe migration. Moreover, they test the new system and run it to ensure smooth function.